Retail Training

We turn your ordinary people into extraordinary people.

We develop and deliver core retail and people management skills training enabling staff to have an immediate impact on the performance of the organization through efficient and effective utilization of available resources. We also impart product knowledge and soft skills development in areas of understanding, self motivation, team building, communication and leadership qualities in order to equip them to meet the challenges of the present scenario.

All of our modules is either purpose-designed or developed, based on the client’s unique needs or is customized to suit the client’s requirement. We constantly update our modules and introduce new material to meet the changing needs of the market.


We trust our endeavor to provide end to end solutions within the retail industry and is in line with some of your operational requirements.

We are inclined to believe that any organization seeking excellence has to make a stronger commitment to develop the Store Manager and his or her Team Members. This would result in the Retail Staff attaining a holistic understanding of customer’s expectations, brand positioning, and enhancement of Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Behavior, Grooming, Etiquette and Body Language. In short, a renewed commitment to providing learning opportunity and environment to the retail staff and hence leading to desired performance of every individual, brand or product and the organization.